Primary care, oral health, counseling, prevention, patient advocacy, and more.

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Island Health Care offers the following services (click or scroll down to learn more):


Primary medical care
Dental & oral health
Behavioral & mental health
Substance abuse counseling
Chronic disease management
After hours care & nurse triage


Preventive services
Wellness coaching
Nutrition coaching

Access & Support

Health insurance eligibility
Enrollment assistance
Patient advocacy & care management
Sliding fee discount program
Culturally/linguistically competent care


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Primary Medical Care

Island Health Care has adopted the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care and has received recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. PCMH is a new way of providing care with the goal to prevent illness and keep you healthy. In a PCMH, you receive care planned just for you with a lead provider and a care team. Your team will closely track your progress and include you in decisions about your care. Your care team will also coordinate the care you receive from other doctors.

IHC provides the following basic primary care services:

  • Annual physicals and check-ups

  • Child wellness and immunizations

  • Routine urgent visits such as earaches, sore throats, minor wounds, and tick bites

  • Treatment and clinical support for chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, substance abuse, and heart disease

Call our Front Desk at (508) 939-9358 to make an appointment.


Dental & Oral Health

IHC connects health center patients by referral to the MV Hospital Dental Clinic, and to the Community Health Center of Cape Cod (CHCCC) in Bourne and Mashpee.

Call our Front Desk at (508) 939-9358 for more information.


Mental & Behavioral Health / Substance Abuse Counseling

Accessing mental health and substance use services can be daunting. Island Health Care uses the latest evidence-based screening tools and assessments to help patients identify possible substance use or mental health issues. Our Nurse Practitioners and clinical staff are trained to provide empathetic and compassionate care. Our Mental Health / Substance Use Access Coordinator can provide confidential support, and help individuals and families navigate all available behavioral health resources.

We offer psychiatric services on site (limited hours) by appointment.

IHC also offers services and supports relating to behavioral health and substance abuse and prevention to health center patients that include:

  • Primary health care with patient-centered teaching and counseling, and medication therapies;

  • Use of Vivitrol, an opioid antagonist specifically designed to address addiction;

  • Behavioral health and substance counseling through a contract for integrated care with Island Counseling Center (ICC) at MV Community Services;

  • Collaboration with other substance abuse services including transition from detox and in-patient care;

  • Care management, patient advocacy and referral services;

  • Accepting new patients recently discharged from the hospital emergency room and acute care who need a medical home.

Call our Front Desk at (508) 939-9358 to learn how these appointments are arranged.


Chronic Disease Management

As part of the hospital-initiated grant project MV Partnership for Health, health center staff are trained in the highly acclaimed Stanford teaching model for chronic disease management.

Class leaders run regular six-week classes to educate and guide patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease who wish to become active in their own health.

People learn how to develop effective, life-enhancing action plans. Patients meet others with the same chronic illness, learn from each other’s experiences and help each other make incredible strides in controlling symptoms, slowing disease progression, improving how they feel and what they can personally accomplish on a daily basis.

IHC Nurse Practitioners offer clinical support and teaching (e.g., diabetic diet and foot care) in group settings.

Contact Kathleen Samways at or (508) 627-5797 ext. 114 to learn more.


After Hours & Nurse Triage

Island Health Care is open into the evening until 8:00 four days a week (Monday—Thursday). We also offer after-hours nurse triage care by phone overnight until we open the next morning at 8:00 am, easily accessible through the night-time voicemail menu. You may speak directly to a nurse, who will advise or direct urgent calls to the health center provider on call.

For After Hours Nurse Triage, call (508) 939-9358 after 8:00 pm and select menu option 3. 

Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

Island Health Care does limited in-house testing. A Quest Diagnostics Laboratory phlebotomist is on site 30 hours per week to draw blood and dispatch for testing off site. Other laboratory test orders will require that you go to a hospital laboratory.

Lab hours:

Monday 8:00am-4:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am-4:00pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm
Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm


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Prevention, Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Counseling

Island Health Care staff places the highest value on prevention and wellness.

We actively work with patients in two different ways—as part of routine care in nearly every patient visit, and through programs developed under a hospital-initiated grant project known as the MV Partnership for Health.

The Partnership, now operated under the health center organizational umbrella, includes walking groups, cooking classes, stress management sessions and one-to-one counseling with a certified Wellness Coach.

Contact Kathleen Samways at or (508) 627-5797 ext. 114 to learn more.

Access & Support 

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Health Insurance Eligibility & Enrollment Assistance

IHC’s Outreach and Enrollment Specialist is a certified insurance Navigator.

We can quickly provide up-to-date information, help patients choose a plan, and, best of all, help them complete on-line enrollment that often can mean immediate, on-the-spot, affordable coverage.

Contact Shawn Scherer at or (508) 627-5797 ext. 117 to get things started.


Patient Advocacy & Care Management

Our clinical and patient support teams are also committed to helping our patients navigate the highly complex and confusing system of care beyond the health center. Whatever you need, our entire staff is ready to help.

If you need an insurance referral or help making an appointment at the hospital or off the Island with a specialist, contact Mary Nevin at or (508) 627-5797 ext. 118.

If you need help with transportation logistics or costs, contact Shawn Scherer (, 508-627-5797 ext. 117) or Kathleen Samways (, 508-627-5797 ext. 114).

If you have questions about your patient bill, contact billing services at 877-470-0616.


Sliding Fee Discount Program

Even if you already have health insurance, but your co-pay is higher than you can afford, IHC offers a sliding fee discount for those who are income-eligible.

The amount you pay per visit ranges from $5 (for incomes less than 100% of the federal poverty level) to $20 (at 200% of the federal poverty level). Patients with incomes greater than 200% of the federal poverty level will not be eligible for a sliding fee, but may qualify for partial “free care.”

Click Sliding Fee Discount Scale to view the 2017 schedule of discounts and see if you qualify.

Contact Shawn Scherer at or (508) 627-5797 ext. 117 for help with the Sliding Fee Discount Program.


Culturally/Linguistically Competent Care

We employ trained and certified Medical Interpreters in order to best serve our non-English-proficient patients.

There are Portuguese-speaking interpreters available and on-site whenever the health center is open. We can also interpret in Spanish, French, and Italian on-site—and by phone and video in other languages—at no charge to patients. 


Other Patient Support/Enabling Services Programs

We are always looking for ways to provide the kinds of supports and non-medical services that enable our patients and community members to tackle and manage the challenges in their lives that have a profound effect on their health.

It is a well-documented secret that of all the things that make a body sick, 80% of them are neither genetic nor medical in origin. These include certain behavior choices (smoking, substance use and abuse), financial stresses, unhealthy relationships, lack of relationships and social support, poor environmental conditions, lack of health insurance and access to care, aging-related issues and other factors currently described in health care circles as Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

IHC collaborates with other community health and social service resources to offer tools and programs that directly relate to SDOH. Currently, we sponsor classes such as Matter of Balance (fall prevention) and Powerful Tools (for family caregivers), with others in planning and development. We also provide operational funding for organizations like the Vineyard Health Care Access Program which among other services, connects people with food stamp (SNAP) and unemployment assistance.